Salsa Never Sleeps

October 17th, 2012 | No Comments »

At the grocery store…

CASHIER, holding up a small bag, to the WOMAN in line in front of me: “If I may make a suggestion, carry this tomato in here so it’s not in the big bag with your milk.”

WOMAN: “Oh ok thanks.”

ME: “Because you don’t want salsa.”

WOMAN leaves.

CASHIER, to ME: “Hi there, how are you doing?”

ME: “Pretty good. And you?”

CASHIER, thinks, and says: “Better than salsa.”

ME: “Well salsa is pretty good, so you must be doing pretty good.”

CASHIER: “Yeah, tomorrow’s my day off. Salsa has to work tomorrow.”

ME: “Salsa never sleeps.”

CASHIER: “Guacamole never sleeps.”


Conversations with strangers.

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