Fresh start

August 15th, 2010 | No Comments »

It’s time for a fresh blog, again. I’ve let Push Click Touch languish in much the same way that I let History of the Button languish: I was spending more time thinking about things outside of the blog’s mission. So then it doesn’t fit there anymore.

In the end, this just needed to be “billder”, and thankfully so. billder is of course my first name plus the beginning of my last name, but I never discovered the “builder” double-entendre until I first had to choose an email address. Needless to say, as a word dork, this pleased me. I had the domain back in 1996-98 or so but mistakenly let it lapse. Some squatter grabbed it and that was that for 12 years. Then a few months ago I asked said squatter how much they wanted for it. A non-evil amount of money later and was back where it should’ve been the whole time.

I can’t predict what will be here, and that is just fine. I won’t be compelled to talk about interaction design or buttons. I can just talk about life. This will take me back to when I was writing a lot more as Fluxion, grabbing any topic that felt interesting and running with it. So, yay.

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